Mandurah audience gets chance to soak up Carpenters classics

In a throwback to one of the most-iconic 70s performers in world music, a Mandurah audience will get the chance to enjoy An Evening with Karen Carpenter later this month.

Performed my Narelle Belle and an eight-piece band, the show is a tribute to the American duo, The Carpenters.

The Californian duo released a host of iconic songs in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, with hits such as Close to You and We’ve Only Just Begun still heard regularly today.

Narelle is a versatile performer whose career started in radio, with a stint at Mandurah-based Coast FM also part of her development.

Since then she has decided to focus on singing, with the songstress’ other performances including shows dedicated to Liza Minnelli, ABBA and Amy Winehouse.

However, performing the Carpenters’ hits has a special place in Narelle’s heart.

“This show is completely different to the others,” she said.

“In the others, I am dressing up and giving an impression of a character. But with this, it is more the journey of the Carpenters, highlighting Karen.

“I come out as myself, no wigs, no nothing – it is not a tribute, more of a celebration.

“I have been blessed to have a tone similar to Karen Carpenter – I don’t try to sound like her but I have a strong chest voice.”

Narelle said the Carpenters songs were important to her and the audiences that came to see her show.

“I grew up with this music – my parents played the music in my house, I walked around the house singing along to the songs – it chose me really,” she said.

“The songs are so relatable and they trigger emotions with people – everyone sings along.

“If I start singing Close to You, which is an iconic Carpenters song, the younger generation go ‘oh yeah, I’ve heard of that one’.

“I enjoy singing these songs more than any of the other shows I do – absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt.

“I get a lot of out it myself – they are quite emotional songs, I even struggle at times. The audience is right with you, they are all tearing up and getting the tissues out.

“At times I find getting through the songs, I need to concentrate because I don’t want to get swept away.”

Narelle said the show included multimedia images of Karen Carpenter and more information on her life.

“The Mandurah audiences are always very supportive – the punters that come to see the show are lovely,” she said.

”I want to entertain people with all the hits, but also relay a few pieces of information about Karen.”

An Evening with Karen Carpenter will take place on October 20 at 7.30pm. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the MANPAC website.

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