Chilli festival warms up winter at the Ravenswood Hotel | Photos

Crowds were heating up at the Ravenswood Hotel on Saturday during their much-loved winter chilli festival. 

The colourful event packed the indoor bar for its headline activity – the chilli eating contest. 

Tears and sweat were dripping off contestants as they tried to devour spicy snacks across 15 rounds. 

The competition originally aimed to hit the contestants with 10 rounds, but the brave contenders trooped through the chefs worst with ease. 

Eventually, the competition came down to a battle between Ben Theelen, Kerryn Brockman and Daccian Kitson. 

The spice became too much for Mr Theelen first who “tapped out” with only a few rounds to go. 

Mr Kitson and Ms Brockman called it quits at the end of the same round.

Judges deliberation saw Ms Brockman claim top gong as Mr Kitson had arrived late to the competition. 

All three received a roaring applause from the audience and vouchers to the poplar river-side pub. 

The free event also boasted sauces, jams and jerky from a number of fine Western Australian producers.