Point Grey marina gets EPA thumbs up

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has stated it is satisfied that a proposal to build an onshore marina at Point Grey can start by August 2022.

The agency have been investigating the proposal and today released a report stating had been no changes to the proposal or significant changes to the marina’s local environment, nor any new or additional information that would change its original advice. 

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Developers Point Grey Development Company Pty Ltd and Tian An Australia are behind the project.

The EPA was satisfied that the existing implementation conditions would continue to manage and mitigate impacts of the proposal.

“The EPA was asked to inquire into and report on the matter of changing the implementation conditions relating to the Point Grey Marina proposal to extend the time limit for the start of construction, taking into consideration any new information,” EPA Chair Dr Tom Hatton said.

“The EPA has supported a request to extend the time limit to begin construction by 1 August 2022.

“Point Grey Development Company will be required to prepare a Channel and Marina Management Monitoring Plan for estuary water and sediment quality prior to beginning construction and will not be permitted to undertake dredging of the navigation and entrance channel between 1 November and 30 April in any year, when the majority of migratory birds are present.

“The proponent will also be required to rehabilitate and revegetate at least 4.7ha of Point Grey foreshore within three years of completion of construction and transfer 10.6ha of privately owned foreshore vegetation to the Crown for conservation purposes as part of an environmental offset strategy.”

The Point Grey Marina proposal is for the construction and operation of an onshore marina and associated boating infrastructure on the western side of Point Grey peninsula.

The proposal includes the construction of a 2.5km navigation channel across the Harvey Estuary from the Point Grey Marina to the Dawesville Channel.

State Environment Minister Stephen Dawson will make the final decision on the project.

EPA Report 1621 is available at www.epa.wa.gov.au.