Peels 15-year-old CEO releases book through her publishing company Turner Books

Author, illustrator and CEO. Its a lot of job desciptions for anyone to have, let alone a 15-year-old.

Xanthe Turner has more drive than most adults, with the teen on track to take on the publishing world.

Sunday will see the release of Pythagoras Rules; the second book published through Xanthes publishing company Turner Books.

And like the companys first release Paradox the teenager is also responsible for the cover artwork design, while mum Nanci Nott is the woman behind the words.

The books are based on historical figures, Xanthe said.

The first one is based on magic and Tesla and Diogenes, while this new one has a really main role dedicated to the historical figure Pythagoras.

The thing about these books is that we do it together as a family. Mum will do the typing but we will all sit together and read the recent chapters and put in the input into it, and do the research together.

Turner Books is also set to release its first picture book, Augustus Brown, next month, which Xanthe illustrated for author Margaret Pearce. The 15-year-old also has three of her own picture books set to be released in the near future.

Whats more, the software and web design skills which Xanthe required to publish these books are all self-taught.

The real fun is going to come when she publishes her own books, Ms Nott said.

She has a real knack for picture books; real beautiful picture books and the poetry is just gorgeous.

Turner Books small team consisting of Xanthe, her mum, sister Azalia and brother Zaedyn heading to their local Subway every week for their board meetings.

From these, the companys motto of Not Just Books continues to grow, with their ideas of accompanying elements such as songs, downloadable puppets and articles start to be put into action. To get a copy of any of the books or additional items go to

The launch of Pythagoras Rules will be at Jarra Infusion in Pinjarra on Sunday from 2.30pm. Pythagoras will be there, as well as games, activities and music. Tickets are available at