Peel Health Emergency: hospital funding in the WA budget - if not now, then when?

You’d be forgiven for thinking tomorrow is just another Thursday. For most people, it is. 

But this particular Thursday has been scheduled on the Mandurah Mail calendar with a big red marker. 

May 10. State budget day. 

Every year the day comes around and every year we search the documents to see exactly what funding the Peel region will benefit from. 

However this year, we will be checking more closely than most, because we have been working towards this day for months. 

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On March 9 the first stories appeared in the Mail’s Peel Health Emergency campaign, highlighting the need for resources at our local hospital. 

Since then we have heard politicians – from both sides – discuss the ins and outs of how best to go about funding. 

We’ve heard from members of the community who feel like they’ve gone to hell and back, just to find appropriate health resources.

And we’ve seen hundreds turn out to voice just how much we need more funding. 

Photo: Shutterstock.

Photo: Shutterstock.

It’s no secret that Peel Health Campus has missed out on funding repeatedly. 

Just recently we saw $189 million of federal funding go towards upgrades at Joondalup Health Campus, Osbourne Park Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital, under the guidance of the state government. 

In fact the last time Peel Health Campus had a physical expansion was a decade ago. 

We know that Barnett’s Liberal Government didn’t do anything to expand the hospital. 

We’re not blaming the McGowan Government for what didn’t happen in the eight years before they were voted in. But it doesn’t change the fact something needs to be done now. 

By the time you read this, you may already know the funding fate for the Peel Health Campus. Upon writing this we are still living in hope that there is some sort of cash allocated. 

Not only does the community deserve it, the people who work at the hospital do to.   

But if there isn’t any money, we ask you to do this one thing. Question it, and know that we will be too.

Ask why isn’t there any funding for the Peel Health Campus?

And if not now, then when? 

Maybe then we will finally get some money for our hospital.