Alliance reflects on its fight and looks to the future

Community alliance Peel Says No to Violence held its first morning tea recently, to reflect on its success and discuss opportunities and ideas for the future.

The alliance is a group of organisations and individuals who have pledged to undertake an activity to raise awareness of family and domestic violence in the Peel region.

Peel Says No to Violence project officer Sue Fyfe said the alliance hoped to generate a wide range of smaller activities and many community voices that are able to increase awareness and understanding through their own networks.

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“The types of activities are as varied as the organisations who pledge them,” she said.

Ms Fyfe said these included community morning teas, employee training, cyber-safety workshops and codes of conduct for sporting clubs.

She said there was a large turnout of members and people interested in joining the alliance.

“It’s inspiring and energising to know that there are so many people willing to come together to join resources, share ideas and make things happen to change the way we think about and deal with family and domestic violence,” Ms Fyfe said. 

For more information about the pledges and to find out what you or your organisation could do, visit the Peel Says No to Violence website: