Enhance Physiotherapy: Helping you move towards your goals


At Enhance Physiotherapy the priority is always you.

What are your goals? Do you wish to be pain free? To function normally again? To return to your chosen career or the sport you are passionate about as quickly as possible? To run, swim or cycle further than ever before?

Whatever your goal, the team at Enhance Physiotherapy believe you can achieve it and they will support you every step of the way.

Persistent aches and pains are not the problem, according to Enhance Physiotherapy, ignoring them is. Whether it is a niggling pain or something more serious, the team are happy to help.

Enhance Physiotherapy can help reduce and prevent headaches, ankle sprains, hip pain, lower back, neck and shoulder pain, vertigo and incontinence. Their services include sports injuries/exercise rehab, back and neck manipulative therapy, acupuncture, pilates and fitball, women’s health, motor vehicle and worker’s compensation injuries, real-time ultrasound and shockwave therapy.

Enhance Physiotherapy is excited to welcome two new staff members to the team this week – Cat Meunier and Jessica Pratley. Both Cat and Jess are passionate about women's health at all stages of life and have extensive experience and a special interest in working with women, particularly back and neck pain, core strength issues and pelvic floor and continence issues.

Whether it is a niggling pain or something more serious, the team are happy to help.