Seniors learn technology to connect with family

Mandurah seniors are learning technology basics so they can connect with their families through cyberspace. 

Lakelands Library and Community Centre has been running free workshops for seniors that cover everything from apps to downloading ebooks. 

The class was learning how to navigate Facebook on Wednesday January 10.

Workshop participant Jan Dean said she was learning how to write messages to her family through the platform.

“Our family writes us messages and all we can do is open them,” she said.

“I’m being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century because of our children and grandchildren.”

She said the program has helped her in ways she did not anticipate. 

“My husband has learnt how to use the internet for financial stuff and how to set up direct debit so our accounts are automatically paid.”

Workshop participant Diana Badcock said the instructors knew the answer to all their questions. 

“Charlie and our other instructor seem to know about all the devices like laptops, iPads, tablets and phones” she said. 

“I’ve been here five or six times and each session I’ve learnt something new.”

“It’s an excellent service. They have infinite patience.

“Going into the Apple Store is good for someone who is tech savvy but it’s hopeless for someone like me. Charlie just talks our language.”

Library officer Charlie Lambert said the library believed the workshop was important for seniors. 

“We started it to help people who aren’t actively using technology all the time so they can gain confidence when they have not grown up using it.

“We can offer them an introduction and answer questions.

“It has been quite successful so far.”

The program runs every Wednesday from 11am-12pm.