Mandurah Court: Man guilty to vandalising Mandurah Police Station, Mandurah McDonald’s and car park in Silver Sands

A Mandurah man has avoided jail in the Mandurah Courthouse this morning after he pleaded guilty to vandalising the Mandurah Police Station, Mandurah McDonald’s and a Silver Sands car park. 

Magistrate Anna Longden told the court that Justin George Hill was in breach of a previous community based order on drug charges and could have been sentenced to prison. 

Hill represented himself in court and pleaded guilty to five charges of damaging property by graffiti.

Prosecuting constable Sean Discombe told the court that Hill wrote the word ‘terrorists’ with spray paint on a car park in Silver Sands that belonged to the City of Mandurah at 11.20pm on December 7, 2017. 

Hill then travelled to the Mandurah McDonald’s on Pinjarra Road and proceeded to write ‘F*** Trump’ on the glass windows, 2m wide. 

Shortly after at 11.50pm, he entered the Mandurah Police Station and wrote ‘Mandurah police are corrupt’ on a glass window in the station foyer. 

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He exited the building and sprayed two lines through the muster point sign outside the station before being arrested. 

Hill told the court he had been drinking earlier that day and was angry about what “police had done to him”.

“They wouldn’t listen to my complaints,” he said. 

He was on medication for schizophrenia and previously saw a psychiatrist for his mental illness, he said.  

Ms Longden said it was clear the crime may be associated with Hill’s mental health. 

“I hope you get in touch with your psychiatrist again,” she said. “We don’t want to see you bouncing back into court.”

Hill was given a six-month community order and 40 hours of community work.