Charity clothing theft rife in Mandurah

Angry discussions were sparked on a community Facebook group after a picture of clothes scattered on the floor in front of the Good Sammy Mandurah drop-off bins was posted by an outraged resident. 

Karla Ann Armstrong had posted the pictures on Mandurah Q and A on Sunday morning with the caption, “I am absolutely disgusted !!!!!! How can people be this lazy.”

Good Samaritan WA retail operations manager Paige Lynam said there was a history of clothing theft from the Mandurah bins.

“They go through the bins over the weekend,” Ms Lynam said.

“So we increased our clean-out-day from once to twice-a-week.”

She said there were a few theft “hot-spots” around the Perth Metro that were similarly targeted.

Ms Lynam said the thefts incurred extra costs for the Mandurah Good Sammy and diverted the organisation from its mission.

“People are donating these items to support our mission but if other people get to them before us then we don’t get to sell them,” she said. 

“Our mission is to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities.”

There are five staff members employed at Good Sammy Mandurah, she said. 

Ms Lynam said the Mandurah Good Sammy alone donated about 100,000 kilos of clothes every year.

“This contributes to our mission and doesn’t end up in landfill,” she said. 

“We value our customers and the donations that do come through the stores.”