Wife lives with dead husband for weeks at Greenfields home

A 58-year-old Greenfields woman could have been living with her dead husband’s decomposing body for up to eight weeks. 

Police found the 56-year-old husband’s body in the hallway of the home, but the woman, who it’s understood is suffering from mental health issues, hadn’t accepted his death. 

The property on Murdoch Drive was cordoned off yesterday, as detectives and police forensic investigators were at the scene. 

Police are awaiting the postmortem on Friday, to determine how the man died and how long he had been dead.

However police had determined the man’s death was not suspicious. 

Police believe the man had serious health conditions. 

After police interviewed the wife, she was taken to the Peel Health Campus for assessment, when it was revealed she was in a poor condition. 

It’s believed once the woman accepted his death she sought help from her neighbours, who then informed police. 

Police believe the recent warmer weather accelerated the decomposition process. 

Police have released the home from their protection and placed a bio-hazard warning on it.

No charges have been laid.