Meadow Springs youth creates Bow Scoot skating apparel

Harry Oddy isn’t your average 10-year-old boy.

The Meadow Springs youth has designed and launched his own skating apparel, called Bow Scoot. 

A keen skater, Harry said he wanted to create his own logo to flaunt around the local skate park.

His mother Amii owns and runs her own online clothing store called Belle and Bow Boutique

Harry said he based the logo off his mother’s business. 

“My mum started her own [brand] called Belle and Bow Boutique,” he said. 

“Because my mum didn’t have any sizes for me, she asked if I wanted to design a logo.

“I designed it and called it ‘Bow’ because that’s what my mum calls me.

“I really like skateboarding. My granddad used to take me to this indoor skate park almost every weekend.”

Harry officially launched his brand at the Secret Harbour Market Fair, allowing the public to view and purchase his tee-shirts and hats. 

Harry said eventually he’d like to create hoodies, singlets and long sleeve shirts. 

“We might be making tie dyed tee-shirts for Summer. For Winter I would probably do hoodies,” he said. 

Harry said it took around a month to come up with the design, find a producer and receive the first batch of shirt and hats. 

He said while it was a long process he enjoyed creating the logo. 

“I went onto Youtube and typed up ‘logo designs’. Then I saw some words in alphabetical order,” he said. 

Harry said from there he picked the fonts he liked best. 

He said the initial feedback from his friends, down at the skate park and at school, was positive.  

“I’ve told basically all my friends and they’ll want to get one,” he said. 

“When I saw them I was really happy.”

Harry has even sent some samples over to his friends in the United Kingdom.

Ms Oddy said she was really proud of he son’s motivation and for bringing his project to fruition. 

“It’s nice to get him involved,” she said.

“We’re just trying to encourage him and it helps that I have an online store. 

“I only do clothing up to [aged] nine and a lot of it is girls clothes. His age group is more into scooting an skateboarding riding. He spends a lot of his weekends at the skate park.”

“Harry isn’t allowed on Instagram but I’ve set up an account. We’ve got quite a lot of followers on that. 

Ms Oddy said Harry and herself would continue to approach shops that stock skating apparel and well known scooter riders to create and foster a following for the brand.   

If you would like to see and/or purchase Harry’s clothing visit, follow the Belle Bow Boo Instagram page or Bow Scoot Instagram page

The duo will also be showcasing the apparel at the Rockingham Twilight Markets and at Adventurescape.