Peel Diamond Sports to turn home ground pink for breast cancer awareness

Peel Diamond Sports will turn Merlin Street Reserve into a vibrant shade of pink to raise funds for breast cancer research last this month.

The club will host the annual fundraiser on Sunday, October 29 with everything and everyone donning their pinkest outfits to help the cause.

Along with live softball games, the club will also be holding a bundle of competitions on the day.

Peel Diamond Sports president Catherine Depedro said it was one of the biggest days on the club’s calendar.

“It’s certainly a huge day for us and we love having it as our annual fundraiser,” she said.

“Everyone has probably been effected by breast cancer in some way, shape or form, so we love being able to get behind the cause and raise funds this way.

“It’s something we look forward to each year now and everyone really gets on board.”

Last year the club raised just shy of $2000, and have upped their goal to $5000 this time around.

Club member Andrew Depedro has vowed to cut off his beloved dreadlocks should they reach their goal.

For more information on Peel Diamond Sports’ day call Laura on 0415 939 874.