Murray Shire reminds residents keep land clearing within limits ahead of bushfire season

With this year’s bushfire season fast approaching, the Shire of Murray is reminding residents to keep land clearing within the limits of the district’s Firebreak Notice.

While minor clearing may be necessary to manage fire hazards, Shire chief Dean Unsworth said clearing beyond the requirements could be considered a development and require prior council approval. 

“There have been instances where residents have cleared well beyond the requirements of the Firebreak Notice unaware that additional clearing of native vegetation beyond that specified in the Notice requires a clearing permit from the Department of Water and Environment Regulation and/or development approval form the Shire,” Mr Unsworth said.

“The Shire and its residents must work together to protect our unique natural environment by following the correct process.”

The Planning and Development Act 2005, stipulates that development undertaken without the necessary prior approval is an offence which could result in penalties of up to $200,000.

The Shire also reminded residents in environmentally sensitive areas that further restrictions also apply. 

Residents are encouraged to consult the Firebreak Notice and Bushfire Information booklet recently distributed with 2017/18 rates notices or available electronically from the Shire’s website

The Shire also encourages residents to contact its environment services team on 9531 7777 prior to undertaking any clearing.