South Halls Head students take a bite out of ‘Great Aussie Crunch’

Last Wednesday students from South Halls Head Primary School joined with schools from across WA to simultaneously crunch on fresh veggies, all part of The Great Aussie Crunch.

The Great Aussie Crunch is part of Fruit & Veg September, aiming this year to educate students on the importance of eating more vegetables. 

All 25 classes, including the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students, took advantage of the weather to attend a “Picnic in the Park” lunch.

Just after 1pm, the Year 6 Student Councillors, together with Year 3 teacher Rebecca Perry delivered their very own “Great Vegie Rap,” which got everyone’s mouths watering ready to crunch on their fresh, washed vegetables.

“Not only did we see the standard vegetables, we even had carrot lollypops and astonishingly there was even a vegetable bouquet in the mix,” Mrs Perry said.

“At Crunch Time approximately 622 students crunched and munched all together to finally crack the Crunch-O-Meters to all reach a consistent Crocodile Crunch.”