Shire of Murray to hold heavy haulage referendum

A referendum with the potential to improve business growth and tourism for the Pinjarra Town Centre, is being coordinated as part of the Shire’s 2017 Local Government Election.

The Pinjarra Heavy Haulage Deviation Referendum will ask the community to support the construction of a heavy haulage traffic bypass around the eastern side of the Pinjarra town centre along Pinjarra-Williams Road to link in with South Western Highway. 

The results of the referendum will determine whether the Shire of Murray lobbies the state government to fund and construct the deviation.

According to Shire President Maree Reid, heavy traffic continues to impact the safety, amenity and economic potential of the Pinjarra Town Centre and the road will exceed its capacity by 2023. 

“Pinjarra is a substantial centre which provides commercial, retail, community and tourist activities for an extensive local and regional catchment and which will continue growing into the long term,” she said.

“Heavy traffic reduction will create opportunities for the town centre to flourish.”

The deviation offers a number of benefits including improved vehicle and pedestrian safety in the town centre, increased opportunities for improved street scaping and beautification, reduced traffic congestion and improved business growth and tourism potential.

The deviation will however result in an increase in heavy haulage traffic along Pinjarra-Williams Road and a loss of amenity at Lions Park to accommodate the proposed route that ultimately links from Pinjarra-Williams Road to the Greenlands Road/South Western Highway roundabout. 

The deviation could also see an increased Shire responsibility and cost to maintain George Street and McLarty Road.

It is anticipated that the project could cost the State Government approximately $27.5 million.

The referendum ballot paper will be distributed with 2017 Local Government Election packages and will reach electors from Friday, October 6, 2017.

The election will be conducted by postal vote and both the completed election and referendum ballot paper must be returned to and reach the Western Australian Electoral Commission before Election Day on Saturday 21 October.

Alternatively, residents can lodge their ballots between 8:00am and 6:00pm at the Shire of Murray Administration Office 1915 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra on 21 October. 

“Electors are encouraged to cast their vote in the referendum,” Cr Reid said.

“If the deviation is to actualise, the Shire needs to prove to the state government that the community supports the project and this can only be realised through a strong response to the referendum.

“Empower Council to progress the district in the community’s desired direction, please vote.”

For further information go to the Shire’s website: