Bouvard residents get planting for possum conservation | photos

Some much-needed trees were planted in wildlife corridors in Bouvard over the weekend by a team of people of all ages.

The event was organised by the Bouvard Coastcare Group due to the need for more food and habitat for the now critically-endangered western ringtail possum, a common sight in bushland in the area.

Bouvard Coastcare chair Mel Horton said the event was a success, with an important gap in possum conservation being filled.

“We only had about 65 trees to plant, but we had 24 participants turn up, which is great for a rainy Sunday morning,” she said.

The aim of the planting is to connect two corridors of native trees and bushland the possums regularly use.

“Areas like this often get cleared for development, and that can separate habitats,” Ms Horton said.

“What we’ve done is plant trees that will, eventually when they grow, reconnect these two areas of bushland, meaning the possums don’t have to descend and cross the road.”