Children's Book Week: Goodstart Greenfields dives into story time

Toddlers and babies at early learning centre Goodstart Greenfields will dive deep into the world of reading when they celebrate Children’s Book Week in two weeks’ time.

The centre will bring reading at an early age into the spotlight by focusing the children’s book, the Gruffalo,for their day on Wednesday, August 23.

Youngsters will dress up as their favourite character from the story they have been reading over the past few weeks, and will interact with activities based around developing vital language and literacy skills.

Goodstart Greenfields educational leader Emma Hubbard said it was essential to get children reading as early as possible.

“It’s all about language. If they can see the book they’ve been reading in different ways and interact with it through speaking, that goes a long way to their early learning,” she said.

“It’s so important to get kids reading as early as possible.”

This year’s theme of Escape to Everywhere aims to bring children and books together with a focus specifically on Australian children’s literature.

Goodstart centre director Robyn Johnston said high-quality books enrich children’s imagination and help to develop vital language and literacy skills from an early age.

“A child’s brain is constantly forming connections which are strengthened by activities like reading. Reading to children and then teaching them to read promotes healthy brain development that lasts a lifetime,” she said.

“Reading stories also is a catalyst for a child’s imagination and curiosity and enables them to learn the difference between real and make-believe.”

Children’s book week will be celebrated from 19-26 August.