Mandurah police warn residents over car for sale thefts

Mandurah police said they suspect thieves are targeting cars advertised for sale in the area, after several owners have had their vehicles stolen after advertising them on online selling sites.

Mandurah police first class constable Rich Barnes said police suspected the offenders had contacted the sellers and arranged a time to come and see the vehicle at their house, prompting the owners to give away their address.

However, the prospective car buyers never showed up at the arranged time to see the car, and the owners were unable to get in touch with them.

The owners were then a victim of burglary and theft, where the advertise car was stolen from the property.

“This is a hard thing to prevent [from] happening if you are selling a vehicle online,” constable Barnes said.

However, he advised online sellers not to give their address to online buyers if their profile did not have contact details, to contact the website administrator if in doubt of the buyers legitimacy, and not to divulge any details to people online about their working hours.

He also reminded sellers to make sure other vehicles, security systems and entry points to the property can’t be spotted in the background of the ad’s pictures, since they could be used by thieves.

“Following any theft that you are aware of please report anyone suspiciously offering such items for sale,” constable Barnes said.

“Always keep your valuables secure, be a good neighbour and stay safe.”

To report any suspicious behaviour call Mandurah Police on 9581 0222. Alternatively call CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online on