A world of music on your doorstep

Fairbridge Festival is on this weekend.
Fairbridge Festival is on this weekend.

Fairbridge Festival is literally – at the time of publication – less than a day away, and this scribe, for one, could not really be more excited.

Yearly, the festival turns Fairbridge Village into a focal point of world music, folk, art, performance, food… basically, it’s a selection of world experiences, put in front of you in one of the most beautiful settings in the area, and that’s saying something.

Over four days, the festival is sure to provide you with something you’ll enjoy, whether it be catching a genre of music you’ve never heard of before, or just getting away from the kids for five minutes while they get their face painted.

“We invite you to leave reality behind just for four days to immerse yourselves in the experience that has a legion of supporters saying it is an event they look forward to all year ‘round,” organiser Leanne Casellas said.

 “Come and discover music you didn't know you loved, and a whole lot more.”

You won’t know until you try it.