Bridging the Gap publishes ‘Kids in the Kitchen’ cookbook

Kids love getting hands-on in the kitchen, and with Bridging the Gap and Communicare’s new free cookbook, Kids in the Kitchen, they’ll have a handy guide to making healthy meals.

The cookbook was created as part of the Work for the Dole program, which makes community contributions a requirement for receiving Centrelink.

Supervisor Lynne Bremner said the cookbook project was a good way to extend participant’s skills.

“The participants have been learning how to use the computer, googling, how to use word documents, saving the recipes, and then how to cook,” Ms Bremner said.

“We’ve been cooking most of the recipes, which is teaching them safety in the kitchen, hygeine, using sharp equipment, hot equipment, ovens… we encourage them to participate where they can, even if it’s out of their comfort zone.”

She said Bridging the Gap believes that, at the end of the day, they’ve got to come along to Work for the Dole, so they try to make projects as enjoyable as possible.

“Not everybody wants to go to Work for the Dole, but I think we make our projects really interesting, and I think a lot of our participants have really wanted to come along,” she said.

They will be distributing the free cookbooks next week, and placing them at interested schools, businesses, and organisations.

Some copies are even available from the Mandurah Mail reception.

Call Bridging the Gap on 9419 2553 for more information on the cookbook and their Work for the Dole projects.