Mandurah Makos gear up for 2017 Masters season

As the 2017 AFL Masters season approaches, the Mandurah Makos are preparing to celebrate their 30th anniversary competing in the competition.

The Makos recently warmed up for the season with a scratch match against the Peel Thunderbirds.

The two clubs have been working together closely over the past few football seasons, culminating in newly-elected Makos president Tony Wilkey presenting Thunderbirds counterpart Ann Fenton with their annual donation from the club’s 2016 fundraising effort.

Training is already underway in preparation for the Makos’ April 9 season opener in Ellenbrook and the final pre-season scratch match will be played this Sunday at Anniversary Park in Rockingham. 

The players have put in a lot of effort this pre-season as they try to replicate the success of 2016 when Makos representatives Victor Tomlinson and Mick Davis were presented with All-Australian status at the National Championships on the Gold Coast.

For those interested, the club is on the hunt for new players. 

Masters football is played in the spirit of “football for kicks” and is ideal for men over 33-years-old who are looking to maintain a level of fitness and be part of a team environment. 

Games are generally a fortnight apart but being skillful is secondary to the community aspect of the matches.

If you are interested in playing Masters footy or joining the Mandurah Makos as a social member, you can contact Tony Wilkey on 0421 708 764.