You can help prevent youth suicide

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In the past 12 months the Peel region has been rocked by a spate of youth suicides.

In the Canning electorate, suicide rates are 1.7 times the road toll and are among the highest in the nation.

As a region we are suffering record youth unemployment and pervasive levels of homelessness, disengagement and substance abuse.

We need solutions.

The Federal Coalition Government is building 10 new Headspace centres nationally.

There is currently no Headspace in the Peel region.

We must let the Government know that young people, their families and the community are crying out for help.

GP down south calls on the Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt MP to provide support for a headspace in the PYMS Health Hub.

The PYMS (Peel Youth Medical Service) Health Hub is a youth-focused health facility that will offer a suite of comprehensive services with a focus on prevention and early intervention.  

Care coordination and GP services will support this integrated and coordinated model of care.

The PYMS facility will include drug & alcohol, mental health, family and carer support services, homelessness services, sexual assault support and training facilities.

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The PYMS Health Hub has bipartisan support from both sides of politics, across all three levels of government.

Having a headspace in the PYMS Health Hub will strengthen the services offered in a region devastated by youth suicide.

Only the Minister for Health can give Peel a Headspace.

To show your support for the youth of the Peel region, you can sign the petition for a headspace in the PYMS Health Hub online at

This petition will be delivered to the Hon.

Greg Hunt MP, Federal Minister for Health. Eleanor Britton on behalf of GP down south started the petition with a single signature, and now has 525 supporters but needs 475 more.

Federal minister for Canning Andrew Hastie believes the Peel region needs a Headspace.

Mr Hastie spoke about youth suicide and the challenges facing our region with Mayor Marina Vergone and she had this to say, “Mandurah is a great place to live, but for young people there are undeniable challenges.

Youth unemployment has risen to 18.6 per cent, making it harder for young people to get a job and stay connected to our community.

Having a Headspace in the PYMS Health Hub will provide our youth with meaningful support networks during hard times."

If you need help call Lifeline on 13 11 14.