Crab Fest road and parking closures start

Heads up Mandurah residents and visitors: Mandurah will be affected by several road and parking closures ahead of the Crab Fest weekend.

Between 5am and 10pm on Saturday and 5am and 6pm on Sunday the following road closures apply:

  • Mandurah Terrace from Pinjarra Road to Hackett Street
  • Gibson Street, Tuckey Street, Cooper Street between Mandurah Terrace and Sholl Street
  • Smart Street Mall

Extended road closures will also be in place on Mandurah Terrace overnight between Gibson and Tuckey Streets to allow for extended business trading areas.

Several carparks around town will also be closed during the festival:

  • The rotunda car park on Mandurah Terrace was closed at 5am on Tuesday and will reopen at 5pm on Tuesday.
  • The Gloria Jean’s carpark will also be closed from 6am on Friday to 8am on Monday.
  • The Dome carpark on Mandurah Terrace will be closed from 6am on Friday to 12pm on Monday.
  • The Reading Cinema carpark on Ormsby Terrace will be closed from 5am on Friday to 12pm on Monday.
  • The Mandurah Terrace angle and parallel parking between Cooper and Hackett Streets was closed at 6am on Thursday and will reopen at 5pm on Tuesday.
  • Tuckey Street from Mandurah Terrace to the entrance of the Woolworth’s carpark angle and parallel parking will be closed from 6am on Saturday to 6pm on Sunday.
  • The King Carnival carpark off Leighton Place, and  the Henry Sutton Reserve carpark will be closed from 6am on Saturday for the fireworks exclusion zone.

A free shuttle bus service will run every 20 minutes between Ormsby Terrace and the Mandurah train station from 10am to 10pm on Saturday and from 10am to 7pm on Sunday.

An accessible bus will also run every 40 minutes between the same stops.