A fresh coat of paint for Tuckey Lane

Tuckey Lane is getting something of a facelift thanks to artist Tahnee Kelland’s project for Shape Mandurah’s Prototype Festival.

Inspired by street art seen in Amsterdam, Ms Kelland is in the midst of painting the bricks on Tuckey Lane bright shades of blue, pink, orange and green.

It is one component of a wider space activation project in the lane that will also see Ms Kelland paint a mural and bench in the coming weeks.

“We were all asked to submit an idea that would benefit mandurah’s community and bring us all together, and i thought painting bricks is really quite a symbolic thing for a community, because it’s one brick of a time, we’re building it together literally,” Ms Kelland said.

“As far as choosing the space, I think it’s a perfect little area to do it in, because the view is amazing, there’s awesome little coffee shops and restaurants in this area, and it’s a great place to just come and enjoy.”

Ms Kelland said she always enjoyed coming across nice colourful public art where one might expect only grey or brown cement.

“Mandurah needs a bit of colour,” she said.

“And why not have something fun? The surprise is nice.”

Ms Kelland invited members of the public to help her paint the bricks, and encouraged interaction with passersby as she worked.

“That’s the point of it, to have the interaction with the public,” she said.

“Then everyone takes ownership and feels like a part of the space.”

The Prototype Festival is an opportunity for crafty designers, startups, artists, performers, creators, inventors and more to undertake space activation projects around Mandurah’s city centre, to run parallel to the Hubbub (Mandurah’s own Fringe Festival).