Young riders hitting the track for Peel District Cycling Club

Junior cycling has flourished in the wake of the new Ring Criterium Series across the Peel and metropolitan areas.

The series, which began in 2016, is new to the WA circuit after riders from the Peel District Cycling Club joined with metropolitan cyclists to form a larger series of races.

But one surprise from the Ring Criterium is the success of the Little Critters, a race for those too young to compete in the under 13 events.

Two years ago, when the the Peel District Cycling Club was racing the Motorplex, one family took their bikes along for their young children to ride.

Next race at the Motorplex, there were three families with bikes and the kids started organising their own races.

The success of the early days of children racing saw Peel Districts start organising a kids event every race.

When Peel Districts joined Cycling WA and four other metropolitan cycling clubs to create the Ring Criterium, the tradition was upgraded and Little Critters was born. 

Each week up to 25 kids and their chaperones ride up two laps of the race circuit under race conditions.

Because of the wide range of ages from three-years-old to 11 and a variety of two wheel devices (anything from road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, balance bikes, scooters and even a tricycle), it is up to the rider as to how competitive they wish to be.

The next race is this Sunday at Gnangara, the following week on Sunday, January 22 is the Pinjarra Industrial Estate, on Baker Street, with racing starting at 8am and Little Critters starts about 9am.

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