State Government: there will be a Yarloop

There will be a Yarloop, the state government said in a recent report by State Recovery Controller Ken Michael.

The commitment comes after the state-led clean-up team pulled out of Yarloop and surrounding areas on September 23, after finishing the scheduled clean-up works and committing to a string of measures to secure a future for Yarloop.

“The State Recovery Team has cleaned up Yarloop and residential properties elsewhere in the Shires of Harvey and Waroona to the extent that the town and these properties are safe and habitable,” the report read.

Throughout the process, the state recovery team would’ve cleaned up almost 200 properties, removed 50,000 tonnes of debris and engaged 11 clean-up crews on the project. 

Mr Michael has stepped down from his role as state recovery controller after nine months of coordinating the cleaning effort, leaving behind a report which outlines the basic guidelines for the town’s future.

The guidelines were developed through extensive community consultation, with the state government engaging on more than 180 interviews, and meetings with stakeholders and government agencies.

The information showed 63 per cent of those interviewed wanted to stay in Yarloop, and 26 per cent were planning on leaving.

“The results showed a strong commitment from the community to stay in or return to Yarloop,” the report said.

“Consequently, the community has been informed that there will be a Yarloop.”

Yarloop’s future would include community facilities such as fire brigades and a men’s shed, a tourism precinct with cafes and caravan facilities, health services, a police station and a primary school among others.

After leaving the rest of the cleaning process in the hands of the Shire of Harvey and the State Recovery Coordinator, the state government has also made a handful of commitments.

These include the commitment to customised health services, a police station, the reestablishment of Yarloop Primary School, town water supply, sewerage, a train platform, a new community centre building and the re-pegging of boundaries of fire-damaged properties.

The government also committed to providing affordable housing options through the department of housing and $700,000 to the Shire of Waroona to extend its waste facility and dispose of fire-affected waste free of charge.

The Shire of Harvey would be in charge of drafting a town development plan to guide future development options for Yarloop.