For those suffering a debilitating injury, early Physiotherapy is the key

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For those suffering a debilitating injury, early Physiotherapy is the key.  

By providing a holistic and natural approach to promote recovery and avoid reinjury, Physiotherapists assist the community to enjoy pain free living.  

Pain can hold people back from doing the things they love.  

By being able to get rid of the pain, normal sleep and activity patterns can be resumed.  

And allow people to get back to good exercise that give them long term health benefits.

Mandurah Physiotherapy located on Pinjarra Road has a hydrotherapy and  fully equipped rehabilitation gym on site.  

They have been in business for more than 20 years and deal with all types of injuries including sports, spinal pain, muscle and joint issues.  

These include those persistent sports injuries, to backs that won’t behave, and osteoarthritic pain.  

They even treat incontinence, dizziness and headaches.  

Their state of the art equipment such as real time ultrasound, Continuous Passive Movement machine, and neotonus magnetic wave treatment speed up healing times, producing faster results.

Focusing on the cause of the signs and symptoms, physiotherapists restore normal movement to the body and design programs to build strength and flexibility where needed.  

Owner Libby Soderholm is passionate about good quality physiotherapy.

“By assessing optimally, programs can be made that are very specific to the client and their individual goals. This is vital for great results and a high quality service.”

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Physiotherapists are trained to provide treatment to keep people healthy and avoid acute flare-ups of pain and debilitation.  

This is especially benefiting to those suffering chronic conditions.  

An example of this might be a runner who due to the repetitive nature of the sport, suffers repetitive foot and lower leg pain.  

Each episode of acute pain may damage the body further so it is vital to seek help immediately rather than hope and wait for it to disappear.

The faster treatment is started after injury, the better chance of good recovery and function.  Regular flare-ups occur because once pain is gone, people resort to the same postures and positions that created the initial injury.  

Due to this sport injuries and back pain have a nasty habit of returning unless the full treatment plan has been completed.  

Having regular check-ups with your therapist will also assist in avoiding further damage.

Mandurah Physiotherapy offers a range of treatments including acupuncture, manipulation, and real time ultra sound, Pilates, hydrotherapy, remedial massage and exercise.  

They are open 6 days a week and appointments can be booked online.  

They aim to provide same day appointments for acute conditions.

Mandurah Physiotherapists are currently offering free 20 minute physiotherapy assessments for the local community.  

But these are limited and fill quickly.

Call 9535 7439 to book in to see one of the therapists today.

For more information email or visit for further details on their services.