Green mission for Mandurah Wildlife Rescue

The Mandurah Wildlife Rescue centre is a kind of utopia for the south-west’s wounded native animals.

On a mission to extend their facilities and both beautify and naturalise the grounds, founder Dot Terry-Bos is requesting community donations of plants.

“We’re trying to get help from the public to supply the plants, because we don’t want to spend money that’s for the animals,” Ms Terry-Bos said.

They’ve got quite a job ahead of them, with plants needed to go around the house, and down the large embankment areas towards the bottom of the hill, where new aviaries are being installed.

“Anything will benefit that likes pleasant surroundings, and also it will encourage the native birds in as well… the birds that are outside getting ready for release will be able to see their own kind… make it feel more natural for them,” Ms Terry-Bos said.

As such she is asking for a mix of tropical and native plants: especially species loved by native wildlife.

That could include peppermint trees, or Agonis flexuosa, upon which ringtail possums feed and build their “dreys”, or nests.

Ms Terry Bos also noted that for kangaroos, the Albany woolly bush, Adenanthos sericeus, is like a delicious biscuit.

She said she would also love plants that attract birds.

Some of the best natives for birds include grevillias, banksias, hakeas and callistemons.

Plant donations can be delivered to 1400 Old Coast Rd Dawesville WA 6211, or the centre can arrange to pick them up.

For more information, call the Mandurah Wildlife Rescue at 95823938.


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