North Dandalup residents concerned over DNA research centre

North Dandalup residents concerned over DNA research centre

More than 70 North Dandalup residents expressed their concerns in a public forum at the local community centre about the proposed research facility next to the community oval on Wednesday.

The new research centre for the CY O’Connor Foundation would be placed in Reserve 15844, near the local memorial hall, and would work to improve agricultural production and meat quality for local farmers through DNA analysis.

The process would not involve hazardous processes or generate toxic waste.

The meeting, organised by the Shire of Murray, gathered representatives from the council, the CY O’Connor Foundation and the Peel Development Commission to answer the questions from the local residents.

Local resident Bronwen McDonald who has been living in the area for more than 10 years was concerned the new research building would take up space in the oval from community use.

“The issue isn’t about the whole research thing, but where they want to place it in the community oval,” Ms McDonald said.

“We want to keep the oval as a community oval.” 

She was also concerned about not having enough parking available for residents attending sporting events at the oval once the two new buildings were finished.

Shire of Murray chief Dean Unsworth acknowledged community concerns about the location of the research facility and said the Shire would extend the period for public comment to June 17. 

“To ensure all those who attended the meeting have the opportunity to formally provide their views, submissions are still invited from the public until Friday 17 June, 2016,” he said.

“Council will formally consider the application and all submissions soon after that closing date.”