Bakers Delight in the pink for breast cancer support

Breast cancer survivors Lee Sieracki and Marie Martin got teary talking about their struggle beating cancer.

Both women were diagnosed with breast cancer a few years apart and after tough rounds of chemotherapy and surgery, they won the battle. 

During their fight against cancer, both Ms Sieracki and Ms Martin joined Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA), a nation-wide association that provides patients and families with support.

They both agreed the organisation provided them a community of women to turn to and a better feeling of being understood.

Ever since overcoming their illness they have devoted their time to raise awareness about the organisation.

“I know what difference it can make,” Ms Sieracki said.  

“It turns the negative into positive.”

“I don’t think I could have gone through it without Lee and the girl’s support,” Ms Martin said. 

BCNA was born in Melbourne 16 years ago as a support organisation not only for breast cancer patients but also for their families and friends.

The organisation provides booklets, leaflets and advice to the patients, but also a community of women in the same situation to belong to. 

Due to financial struggles, the organisation couldn’t afford an office of their own but Bakers Delight stepped in.

Bakers Delight allowed BCNA to remain in their central office in Melbourne for almost 15 years, until the organisation moved to their own premises last year.

Every year Bakers Delight organises a three-week-long fundraising event for BCNA nation-wide.

600 stores all over  Australia decorate their premises with pink streamers and balloons and bake pink-iced finger buns for the occasion.

The funds raised selling the pink-coated buns go entirely to the BCNA to fund their programs.

Last year’s event raised 1.8 million dollars, breaking the expected 1.5 million goal. 

This year’s goal has been set on 1.5 million dollars, but local Bakers Delight worker Natasha O’grady said the mark would easily be beaten. 

Meadow Springs Bakers Delight has been the biggest fundraiser in Western Australia two years in a row and they aim to break the record for a third time. 

If you wish to donate visit your local Bakers Delight or go to