Meadow Springs worst for school zone speeding

TWO Mandurah suburbs are in the top five worst suburbs for school zone speeding in 2015.

In 2015 Meadow Springs had 892 infringements for speeding in a school zone, while Mandurah had 300 infringements.

Five motorists in Meadow Springs and two in Mandurah were caught last year speeding 30 to 40 kilometres over the speed limit.

Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said the majority of motorists fined were exceeding the speed limit by 10 to 19 kilometres per hour.

 "We have seen fewer people speeding through school zones over the last few years but we will continue getting the message out there that if you speed through a school zone, you are endangering the lives of children," she said.

 "The rate of fatalities has reduced 34 per cent since 2008 but we will remain relentless in further reducing road trauma through safer roads, education and enforcement."

Ms Harvey and Transport Minister Dean Nalder announced the statistics while revealing the latest round of 452 Western Australian schools which will have flashing 40kmh signs installed.

“"The flashing 40kmh signs, funded through the Road Trauma Trust Account, help remind every motorist when school is back, and students are arriving and departing from the school grounds," Ms Harvey said.