Mandurah Wildlife Rescue's reptilian expansion project | PHOTOS

Only months after opening their bird hospital, Mandurah Wildlife Rescue is looking at further expansions.

With busy season now in full swing, the centre is hoping to build a reptile centre in the new year.

They are currently looking for funds for the project, with founder Dot Terry-Bos saying the amount of reptiles brought into the centre is only going to increase.

“As the weather gets warmer more lizards and snakes come out,” she said.

“We’re always getting them in the centre and at the moment they’re in our conference room.

“We also need unwanted fish tanks for housing sick and injured reptiles such as bobtails, turtles and lizards.”

Ms Bos said it wasn’t only the number of reptiles brought into the centre which increased.

The warmer months brought an increased amount of possums affected by the heat.

“Ringtail possums can’t take the extreme heat waves we are experiencing with global warming so this is a further strain on their future survival,” Ms Terry-Bos said.

“Please leave some fresh water suspended in peppermint trees in your gardens in shallow dishes so they can rehydrate and please keep your pets away from them, especially at night as this is when they are most active.

“On finding a ringtail possum in heat stress on a hot day, place it in a box with a frozen bottle of water and get it to the nearest vet or care centre as soon as possible.”


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