Second Mandurah 'idiot' charged over laser strike on helicopter

Second 'idiot' charged over laser strike on helicopter

DESPITE the act described in court last week as 'gross stupidity', another Mandurah man has been charged with striking the police helicopter with a laser.

According to police the helicopter was conducting a search for a person near Meadow Springs about 2.30am Friday morning when the aircraft was hit numerous times by a green laser beam.

Infra-red technology led police on the ground to a home in Meadow Springs where a 28-year-old was found and summonsed.

It comes just one week after 40-year-old Mandurah man Raymond Alexander Moore was slapped with a $10,000 fine for the exact act which occurred last month.

Mr Moore was warned of the potential harm he could have caused to not only the pilot but the surrounding homes below should the aircraft have come down.

He shook his head when hit with the hefty fine but admitted his actions were stupid and idiotic.

The 28-year-old man now faces the same fate when he appears in court at a later date charged with causing fear with an object.

He faces a maximum three years' jail or a $36,000 fine.