'Stupid idiot' slapped with $10,000 fine in Mandurah court

'Stupid idiot' slapped with $10,000 fine

COUNSEL for a Mandurah man who deliberately continued to blind the pilot of a police helicopter with a $5 green laser light said he had no answers for the moment of “gross stupidity”.

Raymond Alexander Moore faced a maximum three years behind bars for the August 25 offence or a maximum $36,000 fine when he appeared in court.

The 40-year-old showed his disregard for the court when he shook his head at Magistrate Vivien Edwards’ decision to fine him $10,000.

“You should be grateful this offence was dealt with in this court,” Magistrate Edwards warned Mr Moore as he left the court room.

According to police, the helicopter was called in to locate a violent offender and during the search, was continually blinded by the green laser Mr Moore pointed from his Mandurah backyard.

The pilot was forced to take evasive action and was under immediate distress as Mr Moore shone the laser at the aircraft.

Mr Moore’s lawyer Brian Mahon told the court his client was outside with his dog playing with the laser when he made the “ridiculous” decision to continually strike the helicopter.

“He didn’t think it would hit or reach the aircraft,” Mr Mahon said.

The pilot was able to direct ground crews to Mr Moore's home where he told officers his behaviour was 'stupid' and himself as an 'idiot'.

Described in court as a “dangerous piece of behaviour” given the tragedy that could have unfolded should the helicopter come down above houses, Magistrate Edwards took a dim view of the behaviour.

“The risk of damage was huge,” she told Mr Moore.

“You put the lives of the pilot at risk and the lives of the other people on the ground at risk if [the helicopter] had of come down.”

Mr Moore was fined $10,000 and ordered to pay court costs.