Letters to the editor: A scary sign of the times 12 May 2022

When I see our Mandurah Mail (May 5) appealing for government assistance it's a scary sign of these times. I was shocked to see that the cost of the paper our paper is printed on will increase by 80% from July 1.

I have had a very long association with our local papers and consider their news and general information extremely important to the Mandurah and Peel district. I wrote my first letter when developers wanted to develop those beautiful islands off the Creery wetlands which support our bird life. Since then, many of us, through the Mandurah Mail, have stopped some development and encouraged others. I look forward to our local papers which keep us all fully informed on everything in our area. I sincerely hope be it Liberal or Labor in Canberra that they receive a strong message that our Mandurah Mail needs help and for the first time, government assistance.

Charlie Gibson, Falcon

The federal Treasurer has maintained tax cuts and redistribution of income to higher income groups in recent budgeting e.g. broad tax cuts especially for higher incomes of over $200,000pa costing $144 billion.

A smokey sunrise over the bridge last Sunday - thanks to Robert Fey for your regular submissions. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

A smokey sunrise over the bridge last Sunday - thanks to Robert Fey for your regular submissions. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

Media reports have disclosed multi-millionaires` investment wealth increased by 50% in 2020/21. However, the wealth of most incomes has hardly increased in 10 years associated with casualisation, contracting and wage theft issues.

The total tax cuts are estimated to reduce federal government revenues by nearly $39 billion each year. Together with the open-ended funding multi billions for the nuclear submarines these revenue costs are not sustainable/credible compared to the essential increasing public needs of the nation. No doubt health, education, NDIS and aged care funding will be targeted for ongoing cuts by the Liberal National Party if they win the election. Media reports have disclosed thousands of NDIS care contracts have been cut. Also further oppression of Centrelink customers will continue. "Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it." (Proverbs 3:7)

Graham McPherson, Mandurah 

As we all bask in our restored "freedom," it is interesting to note that while the Eagles could have up to 60,000 people - pariah or not - at their match on Friday, four days earlier the unjabbed were forbidden from attending the Anzac Day service at the Perth Concert Hall. Thousands of people did not have the right to attend the main Perth commemoration of the freedoms we have in Australia and of those who gave their lives so that we could stay free. Now, the very same people can go to watch what is, after all, just a game.

I wonder what the Anzacs would say about that. Does anyone seriously believe that such apartheid - which could, after all, be reinstated at the drop of a hat - is what they fought for?

Rebekah Meredith, Falcon