POLL: Do you agree with WA's border closure extension

Western Australians reacted quickly to the news that Premier Mark McGowan's would delay the February 5 2022 border reopening with mixed reactions ranging from relief to outrage on Thursday night.

Many supported the move, stating Mr McGowan had made the right choice in the face of rising Omicron case numbers and deaths across the rest of the country.

"Thank you Mark... If anyone thinks what is happening on the east coast is a good thing then they can go and take a long walk off a short plank," said one commentator.

Others were furious with the move, citing lengthy separations from family and friends, the cost of cancelled travel plans and stories of West Aussies stranded both internationally and around Australia.

"I'm going to have to wait even longer on top of the two years and two months to see my father," wrote another user.

Residents concerned over the already struggling WA health system expressed frustration at the lack of progress in preparing for another wave of COVID-19, with hospitals under increasing pressure and a lack of GPs affecting city and regional communities.

Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson said the State was "as prepared as we can possibly be" for the looming Omicron threat.

"Our hospitals stand ready to meet the challenges of the pandemic thanks in large part to our hardworking healthcare staff," she said.

"We have surge plans in place, are opening new beds, and have invested a record amount in our health system.

"Last night we also announced modified quarantine arrangements for healthcare staff to help bolster our workforce in the face of worldwide shortages.

"These changes allow healthcare workers to move or return to WA more easily, and will complement other initiatives to support our health system."

Ms Sanderson urged Western Australians to focus on obtaining their full vaccine requirements.

"To support our healthcare workers we need to get vaccinated, get our third dose, and get our kids vaccinated where eligible," she said.

"Vaccination helps to stop you from getting really sick.

"So I urge all West Australians to roll up, not just for themselves and their loved ones, but for our healthcare workers too."