Halls Head Croquet Club receives funding to make sport more inclusive

Halls Head Croquet Club to make sport more inclusive

When Dee Squires lost her vision 26 years ago she thought she would never be able to play a sport again.

However, funding to increase accessibility at the Halls Head Croquet Club will make the sport inclusive for people who are aged or have a disability like Dee Squires.

A community grant of $7284 is set to help the club build two small accessible croquet courts.

In 2020, the club built a disabled toilet, accessible pathways, levelled the clubroom flooring and installed new lighting on the main green.


Halls Head Croquet Club president Sheila Twine said the addition of accessible courts would be the cherry on top.

"This will give people with disabilities the joy of being able to play a sport and feel involved in the community," she said.

"I can actually play croquet - it's just amazing to think I can now play a sport," Ms Squires said.

Currently the club has 64 members including six people with a disability.

The new courts will aim to increase social participation for people with disabilities at the club and attract a wider demographic.

Club volunteers and committee members will also receive inclusion and disability awareness training.