Letters to the Editor: Do mandates uphold Nuremberg code?

Letters to the Editor: Do mandates uphold Nuremberg code?

Another week goes by and we are subjected to another incoherent rant from Peter Want. All his letters have denigrated the vaccine rollout and now loss of freedoms which is the new catch cry of the COVID deniers.

Phrases like "concomitant concept" attempt to baffle those of us who only did 12 years of schooling. Now we are told "humanity is not going to make it".

Such uplifting concepts are usually reserved for extinction rebellion protesters but Mr Want is obviously feeling the lack of support from the majority of the world's population.

That majority have taken advice from WHO and the medical profession and had a vaccine that is slowly getting humanity back to a new normal.

Fred Hemmings, Mandurah

Peter Want writes, "'Love thy neighbour' has evolved into 'love the like-minded' and freedom to choose' into 'freedom through obedience'" (Mail, Letters, Nov. 18). Well said.

Doctors from Hell, which I requested through the library system, was written by Vivien Spitz, a stenographer at the Medical Case in the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. Though published in 2005, about events in the forties, the book contains many aspects that are frighteningly applicable to 2021.

Spitz quotes from The Structure of Public Health in the Third Reich (1935). "The ill-conceived 'love of thy neighbor' [sic] has to disappear, especially in relation to inferior or asocial creatures.... The life of an individual has meaning only in the light of that ultimate aim, that is, in the light of his meaning to his family and to his national state." This book was about "public health," written by a doctor, Arthur Guett, Director of Public Health in the Ministry of the Interior.

Thank God, Australia is still far removed from Nazi Germany; but please, do not believe anyone who tells you that there are no similarities between the two. Read what the Nazis themselves said. Read how discrimination against those considered a scourge to society gradually increased (Auschwitz was not established the day Hitler became Chancellor). Read how doctors were motivated by warped ideas of serving their country and humanity itself when they carried out dangerous experiments on victims who were coerced or deceived into their work for "science." Read with an open mind, and find out for yourself.

Then read the Nuremberg Code, developed in an attempt to prevent the medical atrocities carried out by the Nazis from ever happening again. The first point states that, in medical experiments, a participant "should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion." Dare anyone declare that this principle is being upheld by mandates and lockouts?

Rebekah Meredith, Falcon

Our 'Dear Leader' in WA, professing qualities akin to Mother Teresa, frequently intersperses his childish rants with "extremist", "demented", "deranged", "outrageous", "urban terrorism" and the like.

Quote, "It's not going to change the government's (read McGowan's) position on these things one jot. In fact it's making us (read McGowan) harden our position. The more they (read, the people who elected him) do this, the more we're going toensure Western Australians get vaccinated." Italics mine. In a state without a single case of COVID, do you seriously believe this is all about our health? No, it's a power game.

We're out there on the streets fighting for everybody's freedom and this despot is trying to stop us. Wake up people, before he eliminates us, leaving you without a voice, powerless and immunocompromised.

Peter Want, Halls Head

Australia, compared to many other countries, is still a great place to live. Protests in many other places are not tolerated and you could be arrested and the key thrown away, or shot.

This COVID virus has dominated our way of life for so long now that it's becoming like a dream what we once did and simply took for granted. So when you see our state Premier and his family threatened along with his staff and office closure by death threats you know we have serious problems in Western Australia. Every person has the right to protest against whatever but you have lost that right when your protest turns dangerous. Yes, life through this virus has not been all beer and skittles, but compared to other states and countries we have had it very good.

Mark McGowan has done a mighty job for us in these terrible times and most of us appreciate it.

Charlie Gibson, Falcon

What's going on with the foreshore development? It looks like a bombsite, nobody working there, obviously will not be ready for Christmas or any time close . A hope and a prayer for the Smart street Mall as well. Who is supposed to be responsible for this debacle?

Barry Blackwell, Mandurah