Mandurah sea lion caught having a stingray lunch | VIDEO

A sea lion having a stingray lunch in our canals. Video: Lauren Renee

A sea lion enjoying lunch in the Mandurah canals on Thursday drew some attention, with resident Lauren Renee capturing the animal eating a stingray on video.

A Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions spokesperson said it was not uncommon to spot sea lions either swimming in the Mandurah canals or lying on a jetty.

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According to the Federal Department of the Environment, Australian sea lions feed on a wide variety of prey including cephalopods such as squid and octopuses, fish, sharks, rock lobsters and sea birds.

"There is little quantitative information on their diet as only a few hard parts are normally found in the faeces of this species, although the species is known to 'feed' at fishing boats on scraps or by taking fish off lines," the spokesperson said.

"Australian sea lions in Western Australia spend more time foraging compared to those in South Australia due to the less productive conditions of the Leuwin Current."