Biodiversity loss in Merlin Reserve Letters to the Editor: 14 October 2021

Michelle Wolff took this photo of a double rainbow near the Mandurah cemetery. Send your photo to

Michelle Wolff took this photo of a double rainbow near the Mandurah cemetery. Send your photo to

I am devastated. Another rare community of coastal urban ecologically diverse bushland has been bulldozed. And for what? Another tennis court? My 92-year-old mother walks along the track past the tennis courts and loves the peace and majesty of the multi-species plants and birds. This week she was heartbroken to see trees piled on top off each other and the land being flattened. We don't know if any birds were nesting, or reptiles sheltering in logs. It is unlikely that we had Bandicoots or Ring Tail Possums, but did anyone check?

This clearing is another example of human colonisation and disregard of the values of nature. It could be argued it sits in the value of nature for society; however, more tennis courts are hardly an essential human need. As Nannas for Native Forests, my mother and I welcomed the state government announcement of the cessation of logging in native forests from the commencement of the new Forest Management Plan in January 2024. We also appreciate the opportunity to comment on the Draft Native Vegetation Policy for WA. Yet, while we are consulted, hectare after hectare is cleared for humans to play, shop and be accommodated in unsustainable ways.

Merrilee Baker, Falcon

What a mess

The years go by on and off Mandurah Terrace, which I visit every day for my early morning coffee. The foreshore is still a mess after a year or more of building our wonderful wading pool that has cost millions. When might we see the removal of all the surrounding paraphernalia, a tidy up and some usage? And will the dunny further down the strip cater for all of those who want to get changed and take a dip or take a shower afterwards?

I think not, so more buildings that will take years to complete?

Then we have the mess that is supposed to beautify the Smart Street Mall, how long have they been working on this project? Will the horrible grey concrete slabs that they are now laying add to the beauty? I feel so sorry for the poor traders along the mall whose businesses have been seriously damaged, with some probably ruined. And this is called progress? So far the added beauty totally escapes me.

Peter Wood, Erskine

Blame the victim strategies

Last week in the Mail the Hon. Andrew Hastie promoted the need for cyber security awareness with people in Mandurah. However, the strategies provided were "blame the victim" strategies e.g. upgrade personal device security apps.

No mention of the media report of all of the government websites; only 50% are secure websites. No mention of all governments, corporations are escalating coercion strategies for the public to register personal data on their websites. More personal data on websites greatly increases the risks of attracting cyber crime, data selling and marketing.

No mention that the ABC and Australian Financial Review have reported cyber crime incidents are occurring every eight minutes in Australia. Most cyber crime offenders are not caught.

All governments need to promote the best strategy to minimise and prevent cyber crime risks is for people to minimise website registrations and to only use a mobile phone for essential, emergency reasons.

"The pervasiveness of the internet means that once personal information is released into the public sphere, it can be very hard to control the use of that information," Attorney General John Quigley once said.

Graham McPherson, Mandurah