House fire breaks out on Stewart Street Mandurah

Breaking: House blaze engulfs house near Mandurah Terrace | VIDEOS AND PHOTOS

Emergency services have rushed to the scene of a house fire on Stewart Street, at a property where neighbours say squatters had allegedly been living for a "long time".

A neighbour told the Mail they believe the fire started just before 7am after they heard an explosion from the vicinity of the property.

Another neighbour's video of the house on fire. Video: Mark Cooper

Another neighbour said that the squatters had been living in the house without utilities.

A fire sweeps through the house on Stewart Street.

"We've been driving past it (the house) for so long thinking - what's going to happen?", they said.

"I understand that the power and water were cut off but they were still living there."

Emergency services have now extinguished the blaze - more information to come.