Mandurah seated classes bringing dance to all ages and abilities

Dance for all: A LIFESPAN seated dance class in action. Photo: Supplied.
Dance for all: A LIFESPAN seated dance class in action. Photo: Supplied.

LIFESPAN dance classes are a wonderful way to enjoy dance in a safe and supported space which can be useful for people with limited mobility or balance concerns.

The class begins seated as participants warm the torso, spine, upper body, arms and feet through choreographed sequences which are taught inclusively.

For the second half of the class there are stand up options (using the chair for balance) as students move through pliƩ, stretches and choreographed dance sequences.

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"When we begin class, I see an immediate shift in mood and a sense of joy in the dancers," Paige Gordon, a professional dance artist and founding director of Lifespan said.

"The dancers grow in confidence, as they become more aware of their bodies'; their capability and they begin to enjoy moving in different ways with different movement qualities."

Endorsed by Dance for Parkinson's Australia, these classes are a satisfying way to incorporate exercise, stretching, rhythm, expression and joy in a safe and supported space.

Stay afterwards for a cup of tea and a chat with fellow 'dancers' in the beautiful Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

LIFESPAN classes are at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on Mondays 10-11am; and watch out for the opportunity to participate as part of a seated dance performance in the Mandurah Arts Festival 2021.

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