Pandemic has made Premier 'arrogant': Letters to the Editor: 2 September 2021

It is becoming very apparent that Premier McGowan's paranoia about "keeping us safe" is really due to his government's failure to ensure that a key component of public well being has been neglected under his watch. I refer to the hospital system. What does this mean when he takes over Peel Health Campus? He appears to have become more arrogant as this pandemic has progressed with blaming others when something goes wrong and taking credit when it goes right. A dose of realistic thought would be good. Surely even he cannot expect to have zero cases when we are going to have to live with this virus. Credit is due for early efforts but now it is unlikely he can hold back the coming flood.

Anthony Michell, Wannanup

Thank you Mr Mayor Rhys Williams,

And those in the Mandurah council with you, who refuse to become publicly entangled in the coercive and dictatorial tactics of governments and so-called medical 'authorities' surrounding COVID-19. Thank you too, to the multitudes of civic organisations and citizens who refuse to surrender their rights and continue to question decisions being made by these 'authorities'. Thank you all for not also surrendering your thinking to those whom many seem to accord the attributes of divinity - infallibility and omnipotence.

Peter Want, Halls Head

Ralph Williams took this photo of a pair of Osprey preparing their nest in Dawesville. Send your photo to

Ralph Williams took this photo of a pair of Osprey preparing their nest in Dawesville. Send your photo to

Is Mandurah ready if COVID-19 took hold? I agree with Ron C's letter on 26 September 21 on the urgent need for COVID-19 vaccine rollout; and no, the people of Mandurah are not ready. In the shops all over the area nobody social distances and QR scans. It's urgent to make it clear to shop owners to insist that this be actioned immediately.

Colin (surname and address supplied)

Mandurah prides itself on being a friendly visitors playground: therefore could you please tell me why Mandurah doesn't have a safe drinking water fill station for those with caravans and motorhomes? I am a resident with no fixed address due to my rent increasing and having to vacate during a rental shortage. I am staying at Estuary Hideaway Caravan Park which only has bore water. Twin Waters Caravan Park also has bore water only. Every single town/city has a safe overnight stay site with safe drinking water refill station and a separate dump point. The reason these are separated is to reduce the risk of contaminating water at taps and hoses. I urge the City of Mandurah to look at Geraldton's free system, or Karratha's which charges $1 per every 100L of water or part thereof. I rang the City which stated there wasn't a water fill station. I rang Pinjarra and Iluka visitor centres and was told that service stations provide water: which will allow you to fill 2-5L water bottles but not to fill caravans.

Helen Brimson, Mandurah (abridged)

NOTE: Mandurah Visitor Centre directs people to petrol stations to refill water tanks.