Mandurah K9 Dog Rescue calls for donations to help Carl the bulldog

Carl the bulldog came to K9 Dog Rescue group with some medical issues.

He's sadly been struggling with pneumonia since May 7, but according to K9 president Jake King, there seems to be more serious underlying problems making his condition worse.

The volunteer-based group are now faced with large bills to try and determine what Carl's health issues are.

Mr King said Carl shows signs of improvement while he's on antibiotics, but as soon as the medication stops he relapses rapidly and he has frequent bouts of regurgitation and vomiting.

"Our vets suspect that he may have an underlying transient / sliding hiatal hernia, or another abnormality which is triggering and exacerbating the pneumonia. He is aspirating the vomit into his lungs," Mr King said.

Western Australian Veterinary Emergency and Specialty (WAVES) have been contacted for an estimate price to help Carl and apparently the consult will cost $250 and for a fluroscopy +/- CT they have been quoted around $2500 - $3000.

"We are desperately seeking donations so that we can get to the root of the problems with this stunning boy so that he can live life to the fullest," Mr King said.

Carl has been in foster care with a vet nurse's family who have been giving him plenty of TLC while K9 try to figure out his medical problems.

According to Mr King, Carl is quite the character.

"He loves nibbling on toes while his people are sitting down. He is also a bit of a diva and is quite vocal when he wants something. He loves sunbathing, but his favourite thing in the whole world is food," she said.

"Carl does a little jump and twist when he gets excited, which mostly happens when food is involved; and he snores the house down and does a great bear impersonation.

"Carl also likes to keep you company while driving; he loves to lay his head on your shoulder.

"We're really concerned about Carl's well-being and are asking the community to help in any way they can."

K9 Dog Rescue said any donations would be greatly appreciated, or people can help by sharing the fundraising page link: