Mandurah and Caboolture communities join to support the Lee family

LOVE: Geoff and Sommar with their children Chloe and Declan. Photo: Supplied.
LOVE: Geoff and Sommar with their children Chloe and Declan. Photo: Supplied.

When heartbreak touches a community, they rally together - which is exactly what both Mandurah and Caboolture communities have done.

On Sunday, May 30, the Lee family, originally from Queensland and living in WA, were driving in Williams when they got into a serious road accident.

Sommar, Geoff and their children Chloe and Declan Lee were cut from their car and transported to hospital with serious injuries.

Barbara Wilkinson, a friend of the Lee family, started a GoFundMe to help support them during what would be the "most difficult time in their lives".

The page read, "Geoff and Sommar have contributed greatly to the local Caboolture community. The family were an integral part of the St Peter's Primary School.

"We are calling on any person or business to give the Lee family a hand, one that will be greatly appreciated in their time of need."

In a devastating turn, 10-year-old Chloe sadly passed away in hospital, with her mum and dad by her bedside.

Sommar Lee wrote a letter for the GoFundMe page last week, which thanked both the community, including Mandurah Baptist College where the children went to school, for their support, and shared that her family were heartbroken by the loss of Chloe.

"Being told that your beautiful, sassy, amazing 10 year old is being kept alive by life support and, no it's not like on TV, a miracle is not going to save her. No matter how hard we prayed. Knowing that we are being patched up just enough to get to our beautiful girl's side. The thought of your children being scared and alone is devastating."

Ms Lee continued that family, doctors, nurses and the community have made such a great impact during a difficult time.

And expressed the intention of her family returning with Chloe to her hometown of Caboolture for her funeral when they have recovered.

"The level of care and compassion shown to us during this tragic time hasn't healed our shattered hearts but it sure has eased some of the pain."

The GoFundMe page has so far raised $67,980. To donate, visit the link.