Mandurah waterfront projects on track for completion by end of year | Photos

Mandurah's city centre will be unrecognisable by the end of the year with waterfront projects on track for completion by summer.

Worth $22 million, the City Centre Waterfront Project will revamp the eastern and western foreshores with a large-scale adventure play area, an estuary pool and upgrades to the Smart Street Mall.

Mandurah mayor Rhys Williams said the city had never seen anything like this before.

"All three levels of government have come together to see the complete reimagining of our waterfront," he said.

"This will not only create great opportunities for locals and tourists to be able to come and enjoy our beautiful city but also gives a really clear signal to investors that it's a great time to be investing in Mandurah.

"Our population is set to grow to about 140,000 in the next 20 years so we know we have to create great public amenities for our local people but also provide the sort of infrastructure that befits a city that is going to be the cultural heart of the south of the metropolitan area."


Mandurah and Tourism MP David Templeman said the redevelopment would make Mandurah a smart city.

"I think this is going to be a centrepiece in taking advantage of this magnificent vista which is our Peel waterways," he said.

"We want to be a smart city that also takes advantage of the beauty. For people who live here we want to create jobs here so people don't have to travel long distances to employment."

"Mandurah is on the move. It's a beautiful part of the world and we want to attract as many people as we can here," Canning MP Andrew Hastie added.

Estuary Pool

The estuary pool has taken a major leap forward, with works to install the circular floating jetty platform beginning.


The pool and surrounding area has been specifically designed with tourism and recreational activities in mind.

Adjacent to the pool will be an upgraded beach with ramp access, boardwalk, shade and seating area.

Directly behind the pool will be a flexible paved space, which can be utilised by events, activations, amusements, food trucks, concerts or performances.

There are also opportunities for water-based recreation, water transport and tourist activities.

"The circular pool is unlike anything in existence in WA. In fact this whole waterfront redevelopment will compete with anything that's in Perth or across WA," Mr Williams said.

The pool is set to be complete in time for summer.

Western Foreshore Play Space

A major milestone was reached on Thursday with ground broken on the new Mandurah Foreshore playground.

Excited Mandurah Primary School students were there to do the honours of turning the sod.

The new play space next to the Mandurah Skate Park has been inspired by a local Sheaok tree and is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

A 12-metre high play tower, with ramp access to three metres, will take centre stage.

Also included will be a swing zone, climbing zone, sand and music play zones, balancing logs, spinning carousel and human hamster wheel.

It will incorporate natural materials including salvaged timbers from the Old Mandurah Bridge, and include all aspects of play including physical, sensory, social and imaginary.

Within the wider Western Foreshore Recreation Area, there will also be barbecues, large picnic tables, drinking fountains, a seating deck and a pop-up kiosk. New toilet facilities are already complete.

Smart Street Mall 

The Smart Street Mall's facelift is well underway with all the underground work and lighting complete.

In the coming weeks the installation of new planters and paving will take place.

According to a City of Mandurah spokesperson, the mall will become an activity space.

"Before the Smart Street Mall had poles straight down the middle and there was a lot of clutter," the spokesperson said.

"The whole idea was to simplify the space and create a flexible pedestrian focused street that allowed you to create activity within the street.

"There will also be the opportunity for businesses to spill out and use the area."

The revamp is still on track to be delivered by October.