Mandurah and Pinjarra's population being hospitalised on the same day

Imagine Mandurah and Pinjarra's population being hospitalised on the same day

Today's news summary - everything you need to know

In 47 days, President-elect Joe Biden will ask Americans to wear masks for his first 100 days in office.

Mr Biden will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021 and that's when he'll apparently make that announcement.

In the past 47 days, millions of Americans have contracted COVID-19 and thousands have, sadly, died from it. As it stands today the US has recorded 14.1 million cases and 276,000 deaths.

The New York Times reported that on Wednesday, US hospitals housed a record 100,226 patients dealing with COVID-19. According to 2020 figures, that equates to the entire population of Mandurah and Murray - just over 80,000 in the City of Mandurah and close to 20,000 n the Shire of Murray.

All. Of. Mandurah/Murray.

More deaths were reported in the US on Wednesday than on any other day of the pandemic, surpassing the single-day death record of 2,752, set in April.

While COVID-19 has dropped down our colour-coded list of news alerts, it's not over. Not by a long shot.

But most people's working week is and there are good things out there. And one of them today came in the shape of Speck.

Speck, a black and white cattle dog cross pup not four months old, was reunited with her owner after a 300km hitch-hiking adventure of sorts from the Southern Tablelands town of Yass right into Sydney.

A cute pupper, an adventure and a happy ending makes that a "feel good Friday" story we probably all might need after another hectic week.

And given the last time Yass made international headlines was when when the Queer Eye guys showed up and swapped beaten up RMs for something a whole lot glitzier, we're looking to Yass for more wonderfulness in the new year.

Have a fine weekend, be safe but remember to smile, too.

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