Letters to the Editor: 6 May 2021

Gypsy Shaw of Silver Sands sent in this sunset on the river at Furnissdale. Email your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

Gypsy Shaw of Silver Sands sent in this sunset on the river at Furnissdale. Email your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

On May 4 my husband took me to Peel Health Campus as I had been experiencing chest pain which didn't let up. We arrived at emergency just before noon. The waiting room was about 70 per cent full.

We were immediately aware of a man literally vomiting into a vomit bag and it was obvious to everyone in that waiting room he was severely distressed. This poor man had no privacy whatsoever - his dignity was stripped completely.

How can any health institution allow this to go on?

It truly felt we were experiencing third world culture. During our time another elderly lady arrived and was obviously distressed in sever lower abdomen pain, shaking and so fragile.

After two and a half hours of waiting my chest pain subsided. We were told there will be a very long wait as they have four ambulances outside. I decided to leave and go home. The two patients I mentioned above were still waiting and the man never stopped vomiting. This experience for both my husband and I was very disturbing - we couldn't believe this was Australia.

It was very traumatic for the sick children and other patients to witness the agony and discomfort of these patients. No empathy was shown to these patients.

Unforgettable and disturbing.

Angela Wilcox, Dawesville

Understand why we are fighting

It's very interesting to read where Water Minister Dave Kelly states our huge estuary waters are "highly valued".

This was all said after drone examinations were carried out to check the quality of our Mandurah waterways.

He also stated the estuary was under "significant pressure" and if these fragile waterways were taken for granted, future generations will lose it. Thank you Mr Kelly. Now you may understand why we have fought so hard to stop a deep water channel from Point Grey to Dawesville Cut. The younger generation will have to pick up the relay baton to protect those same beautiful Mandurah waterways.

Charlie Gibson, Falcon

Smart Street Mall upgrades

Unfortunately the council can spend all it likes there but until the landlords spend some money on their premises and some shopkeepers re-energise themselves, it will make little difference. Having the nightclub where it is with the shops having to put up with vomit or urine in front of their doors when they come to work in the mornings doesn't give you a lot of incentive, does it?

Aileen Mitchell, via Facebook

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