Letters to the Editor: 29 April 2021

I read that "common sense prevailed" in allowing an elderly veteran on crutches to complete his lonely Anzac Day march. What if there had been a dozen marchers? A hundred? A thousand? Would it have been "common sense" to have allowed them to proceed?

We threw out common sense a year ago. Common sense would say that if it's more important to elderly veterans to remember their fallen mates (not themselves) than guard their health - let them. Common sense would say that if it's harmful to the development of young minds to see the blank faces of adults using screens, it must be even more harmful to see the non-existent faces of adults using masks. Common sense would say that adults who can make choices to drive, cycle, surf, live in bushfire or cyclone-prone areas, and drink and smoke should be capable of making choices about how much risk they personally choose to take regarding illness. Common sense would say that a disease with a recovery rate of well over 90 per cent for even those over 70 is not something to be terrified of. Common sense would say that elderly people die of loneliness as well as disease, and that a screen can never replace the physical presence of those we love.

And common sense would say that the freedom we are so grateful for on Anzac Day is meaningless if it is just a word. Our ancestors fought for centuries for the right to be free - to worship where they wanted, to choose a trade, to make decisions for themselves and their families, to go where they pleased, to be able to access education. We cast aside in the space of weeks what it took countless generations to build through toil and blood. The Anzacs guarded our freedom. We threw it away.

Rebekah Meredith, Falcon

Does anyone have the guts to stand up to Premier Mark McGowan? The quarantine hotels don't work but all our Premier does is blame the federal government. It is quite simple - we should create a purpose built facility over two levels. Secondly we all know our hospitals can't cope with a COVID outbreak so open up a facility that we can use now and modify it to suit if necessary. Thirdly, create a specialist team to be on standby to look after any patients.

The 10th light horse Rockingham troops were out in the Peel on Sunday. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

The 10th light horse Rockingham troops were out in the Peel on Sunday. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

Anthony Ianello, Halls Head

Ridiculous statement

MP Andrew Hastie's comment that "the troops didn't go into lockdown when the bullets started" was the most ridiculous statement from a politician since PM Scott Morrison said Australian borders should have opened before Christmas 2020.

Philip Bradshaw, Mandurah

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